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Monday, June 20, 2022

Rebuking the Devil ~ With Music

You Ever Get Sick Of All the Demonic trash On the Radio ?

Me 2

i Remember When i Was A Kid On the School Bus Being Forced 2 Hear

" to the Window / to the Wall "

What Kind Of Message Does that Send ?

Our Whole Lives Weve Grown Up Being inundated With Evil Music

in Stores / At School / through Relatives

Music that Degrades Men & Women

Music that Blasphemes God

Music that Promotes A Life Of Materialism & idolatry 

Essentially Leaving the Listener Empty

We Can Do Better

Start Making And Listening 2 Music that Lifts Us Up

Rebuke that Old Serpent With A Speaker Full Of Gospel

Sing A New Song

God Bless You

Tuesday, June 7, 2022


 A Disc Jockeys Power

Resides through their Ability 2 Control Sound

if Youre Like Me - Certain Noises Push You Over the Edge

A Person Eating An Apple Right When Your Favorite Movie Or Show Begins

Someone Chewing Gum in Your Ear On the telephone

When A Person Decides they Must Stomp On the Floor Every Step they take

Slurping Cereal Milk At the Kitchen table During Breakfast

Or Generally Just Not Shutting the F-k Up

Monday, June 6, 2022

Sony ZX Series Headphones Review

the Sony White MDR-ZX110 Headphones Are Awesome !

For the Price - they Cant Be Beat


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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Worst Bands Of All time

 ( According 2 DJ BlindHeart )

1. Matchbox 20 - A Good Reason 2 Change the Station When they Come On the Radio

2. Pearl Jam - Every Song Sounds the Same

3. Creed - Sounds Like Pearl Jam

4. Grateful Dead - Please Let this 45 Minute Noise Making Session End

5. Led Zeppelin - Not the Worst Music , theyre Just Evil

6. Rolling Stones - Sympathy For the What ?

7. Nickelback