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Monday, June 20, 2022

Rebuking the Devil ~ With Music

You Ever Get Sick Of All the Demonic trash On the Radio ?

Me 2

i Remember When i Was A Kid On the School Bus Being Forced 2 Hear

" to the Window / to the Wall "

What Kind Of Message Does that Send ?

Our Whole Lives Weve Grown Up Being inundated With Evil Music

in Stores / At School / through Relatives

Music that Degrades Men & Women

Music that Blasphemes God

Music that Promotes A Life Of Materialism & idolatry 

Essentially Leaving the Listener Empty

We Can Do Better

Start Making And Listening 2 Music that Lifts Us Up

Rebuke that Old Serpent With A Speaker Full Of Gospel

Sing A New Song

God Bless You

Monday, June 13, 2022

the Power Of Music

 i May Be Blind

i Would Hate 2 Be Deaf

Did You Ever Stop 2 Consider the Power Of Music ?

Everythingz Better With Music

My CD Player Died in My Car A Few Weeks Ago

My Computers DVD / CD Burner Died Before A Very Long Road trip

Been Stuck Listening 2 Radio For Months

Finally Got Myself A Playlist On My iphone

Lifez Good