Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Absolute Garbage Movie Review " Gotti : the Rise And Fall Of A Real Life Mafia Don "

 if Youre Like Me You Enjoy A Good Mobster Movie

( the Original Wise Guys )

Unfortunately though i Had the Displeasure 2 Sit through An Entire Viewing Of

" Gotti : the Rise And Fall Of A Real Life Mafia Don "

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What A Horrible Movie

Just Chuck that Movie in A Ditch if You Ever Own A Copy

Now i Had Never Seen A Movie With Armand Assante - Although i Did Recognize the Name From A Pop Culture Reference that Has Slipped My Mind ( A Song Maybe ? )

And After Watching 
" Gotti : the Rise And Fall Of A Real Life Mafia Don "

i Was Not impressed

Wasnt that the Acting Was Bad Really

Just i Guess How in2 Such A Lame Character
Armand Was that i Didnt Care For

Not Only Did i Really Lose interest in Any Future Viewings Of 
' Assantes ' Work

i totally thought His Portrayal Of John Gotti Made Gotti Look Like A Schmuck !

Now i Never Knew Much About John Gotti Either And thats Why i Wanted 2 Watch the Movie

if John Gotti Was Anything Like How He Was Portrayed in that Movie - then He Was truly A Loser

1.Whacked the Wrong People

2. Brought A Bunch Of Unwanted Attention 2 the Family

3. Basically Didnt Amount 2 Anything Other than A Guy Who Liked Expensive Suits

4. Had Horrible Logic

5. Sold Out All His Friends

6. Ratted Himself Out

7. Substance-Less

Like the Joker Says

Moral Of the Story Of 
 For Me Was ' Keep Your Mouth Shut '

0/5 Stars

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